Homemade Tamales
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Homemade Tamales

Recipe by George Anthony Capielo 
  • 2 whole chickens – Make chicken soup to seasonings & broth
  • Cut up ½ can clement joyous chipotle pepper = jalapeno peppers (almost a paper plate full)
  • Cut up 5 lbs pork ½ inch & shop up 2 large onions
  • Fry pork & onions together – add a little garlic & salt
  • Take pork pure lard (1 1/2 box) and slice up
  • Shred chicken
  • Pour Tamalina flour in large & put 3 tablespoons of salt
  • Add lard to frying pork to make a good stock
  • Fry until light brown, turn off for about 10 minutes to cool off
  • Pour pork stock only to the Tamalina boil milk & add ½ cup of milk to 1 cup of water to it.
  • Add chicken stock broth to it, mix thoroughly, and if still cakey add more water, put finger into it & if masa sticks to it then add ½ box lard.
  • Total amount of lard used 2 boxes. Shake masa  ??? & see ??  it doesn’t  stick to the sides looks shinny
  • Put mixture aside
  • Put pork & onions in big pot & finish browning, after browned add 13oz tomato sauce & mix
  • Mix clement jaspers mote (3 ½ oz) to about 6oz of water to dissolve
  • Add to pork sauce & mix, (only use wooden spoon).
  • Let mixture cook for about 15 min. to a boiling state
  • Add jalapeños & chipotle pepper with a tbs of regular hot pepper to pork mixture & cook for ½ hour.
  • Take pork brine out & add shredded chicken to pork mixture, every once in awhile add water
  • Take ??? pot & on bottom put rack so tamales doesn’t touch water
Homemade Tamales
2015 The tamale tradition goes on with family

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