Fried Leftover Spaghetti
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Fried Leftover Pasta & Macaroni

My mom and countless other Italian/American mothers or fathers and grandparents have made this dish for generations. It’s what we do with our pasta/macaroni leftovers. Every bite of this dish is a trip back into my childhood.

Simply take your leftover pasta/spaghetti and let it come to room temperature. In a heavy wide cast iron skillet preferably, add 2-3 tablespoons of Extra Virgin olive oil. Add this to the pan and make sure you hear a strong sizzle. DO NOT MOVE THE SPAGHETTI AROUND!

After 6 minutes flip the spaghetti and let this cook on that side for 5 minutes or longer, looking at it to see it there’s caramelizing going on and see those spaghetti strands getting toasty.

NOTE: When saucing the spaghetti on the day you actually made it DO NOT OVER SAUCE!!! Too much sauce creates a soft less crispy dish. We keep the sauce separate when leaving for leftovers with just a little sauce on it when putting it in the refrigerator.  Happy Cooking & Happy Eating!

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