Corn Meal Seruyes

Corn Meal Seruyes


yellow corn meal 2 cups
milk 3/4 cups
butter 3/4 stick
American cheese 12 slices
Velveeta cheese 1 chunk
eggs 2
salt 1/2 teaspoon
vegetable oil 1/2 cup

Recipe from Cousin Loretta

A tasty corn meal and cheese snack. Great as a side dish as well. My father-in-law George A. Capielo use to make this recipe in New York and is a great tasting snack.

  • Melt butter, pour corn meal and 2 eggs and mix on low flame
  • Pour milk (pour slowly)
  • Add 10-12 slices of cheese and a chunk of Velvetta cheese.
  • Turn flame off.
  • If not soft add a little butter. Corn meal should be soft.
  • Shape into a hot dog like shape and fry in Wesson oil until golden brown.
  • After done slice down the middle and either butter and or add a slice of cheese to the middle and enjoy.
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