Healthy Foods You Can Eat to Stay Full For A Longer Time

Many individuals feel hungry or starve themselves while they are involved in weight loss program. But we have happy news for you as you won’t feel hungry or starved as we have number of healthy foods that definitely keep you full for longer.

The grouping of three i.e. proteins, healthy fats and fibre is the best combination food diet for losing weight. We have listed below some very important healthy foods that keep you full and satisfied for longer:

Eggs:Many health experts suggest that the perfect breakfast includes more of proteins and eggs are the great source of hunger control protein as its longer time to digest. Eggs can be eaten in several forms like hard boiled, scrambled or omelette cooked with fresh vegetables with little oil along with slices of whole grain breads. Grouping of high protein and complex carbohydrates helps to reduce spikes in blood sugar level and take time to get digest and keeps you feeling full and satisfied for longer time.

Soups: Soups can be taken as a healthy food option for midday meal. As researchers say food with more water content can keep you feeling full for longer. So add soups full of fibres like spinach and celery in midday meal so that by the time you take your lunch you will be satisfied.

Avocados: There is big misconception about avocados that it’s a fattening food and so avoided by many people. But undoubtedly it is not fat free but taking few slices of avocados with lime juice is rich, satisfying and contains all important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. You can take avocados as a salad in small amount to keep yourself full for longer.

Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits like lemon, guava, grapes, and oranges are great source of fibre and we know that fibres are highly helpful in burning fats. Also fibre engages digestive system for long time to get digested fully and as a result you do not feel hungry soon.

Oatmeal: Another healthy food option is oatmeal that can be fit in any meal at any time easily. It is a perfect combination of proteins, fats and fibres. Add sufficient oats in low fat skimmed milk and eating this keeps you full and satisfied and avoids frequent hunger pangs.

Apples: Our mothers always telling us take an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are another healthy food which are huge source of fibre. Apples also contain water content and lower energy density which means you take more food with lesser calories and gives you a feeling of fullness for long.

Salad: Add bulk of salad in your day that keeps you full. Salad with fresh vegetables and fruits can helps you get satisfied and full. Eating salad means eating more of healthy food and less of calories and it helps in fat burning too.

Peanut Butter: Peanuts are full of proteins and you can find 100% roasted peanut butter easily in the market. They are high in fat but also contain mono-unsaturated fats which are good fats.

Beans: Beans are well known as magical fruit. They are rich in fibres and proteins. Research shows that high fibre food is processed slowly to get digested and lasts longer in the stomach which keeps you full longer.

Yogurt: Low fat yogurt can be taken any time in the day. Yogurt made from low fat milk is the perfect healthy food to eat to keep you full longer. Yogurt provides needed amount of healthy bacteria for better digestion and calcium for stronger bones and teeth.

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